Family Centered Services

The Center utilizes a family-centered approach as a guiding tool in each interaction with a child. Viewing the child as a dynamic whole with the family unit as the foundation for stability and consistency, the opportunity for change, and the support of progress. Following best practice, taking on the role of a “coach” allows for Dr. Pinocchio to provide parents with knowledge and encouragement to best meet the individual needs of their family in the most developmentally appropriate, positive, and fun loving manner.

Individual therapy sessions involve initial evaluation, development of goals and a treatment plan to best meet your child’s individual needs.

Areas addressed include, but not limited to:

  • Fine Motor Development

    • Grasping toys, holding utensils, stacking blocks, drawing, handwriting, tool use, manipulating dressing fasteners

  • Gross Motor Development

    • Rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, running, balance, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, navigation of home and community settings

  • Sensory Integration

    • The complexity of processing sensory stimulation in one’s environment and forming an appropriate and functional response. Sensory systems include visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular.

  • Emotional Regulation

    • Maintaining a calm body, developing coping strategies, dealing with tantrums, expression and interpretation of emotions, problem solving

  • Feeding and Mealtime Participation

    • Breast, bottle, tube feeding, transition to solid foods, picky eating, increasing food variety

  • Social Development

    • Forming positive attachment with caregivers and siblings, interacting with same-age peers, transitioning to daycare/classroom setting, establishing positive social interactions

  • Sleep

  • Potty Training

  • Speech & Communication
    • Speech sound production, language comprehension, expressive language, speech fluency

If you or your pediatrician have developmental concerns about your child, please contact Dr. Pinocchio for consultation and/or further evaluation.