Due to barriers of the current health insurance system (high patient volume, decreased experience, and decreased ability for one-on-one care, and low reimbursement to the provider) private payment allows Dr. Pinocchio to provide the highest quality and most individualized services without restriction. Dr. Pinocchio utilizes an approach focused on wellness, prevention, and family-centered care. Private payment allows for individualized determination of frequency and type of services, without health insurance creating roadblocks within the plan that best meet the needs of your family.

As a client of Dr. Pinocchio you will receive consistent, quality care. Dr. Pinocchio will be your provider from initial evaluation onward to every ongoing session until determination to end services has been decided upon by each member of the team, with your family as the most valuable team members. Each ongoing session is one hour in length including direct one-on-one interaction with your child and parent consultation at the end of every session to discuss growth, challenges, and recommendations. Development of a treatment plan and goals are decided upon with your child and family as the guiding source. Areas addressed can be highly individualized depending on needs and desires of your family.

1 Hour Session: $125.00

30 Minute Session: $75.00

Initial Evaluation: $250.00+/-