0-3 years old 

*Prior to signing up for your first group, a consultation with Dr. Pinocchio is required. Please email to schedule.

With SO much development happening in the first three years of a child’s life, Playgroups allows for a consistent group class to allow for fun, peer interaction, practice of fine and gross motor skills, and exposure to a variety of sensory-based activities. 

Pre-Walker’s Group consists of a small group setting complete with infants and parents in a cozy and play-based setting with infants at any developmental stage including laying, rolling, sitting, crawling, or walking. Dr. Pinocchio will lead discussion on weekly developmental topics and model gross motor activities to facilitate the current and sequential gross motor milestones providing demonstration, recommendations, and strategies to use in the home environment. 

Walker’s Group consists of a small group of same-age peers with opportunities for socialization and participation in structured adult-directed activities. At this age children are beginning to develop ability to be a part of a group and transition between activities, participation in Playgroup will further facilitate this development.