Dr. Pinocchio's Favorite Things

Below is a list of items I use inside the clinic during sessions and groups. Many of you have asked where I’ve purchased these items so I’m happy to share them here! Please consult with your occupational therapist for detailed information on use of each item below. 

Some of these items are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission from your purchase. Thank you for your support!

Body Sock

A body sock is made out of the most cozy, stretchy fabric to simulate the feeling of being in utero. A child can climb and stretch inside the body sock or it can be used as a swing when two adults lift the four corners and swing while the child peers through the opening. The body sock can be a calming before bedtime routine or a tool to calm after a tantrum. 


Small enough to be used indoors, large enough for multiple children at once, and definitely enough bounce to provide endless opportunities for proprioceptive input (deep pressure through our joints that can be calming to our nervous system) to jump wiggles out and result in a calm body. 

Honey Bear Straw Cups

A great first straw cup! Has a closable lid and the bear is squeezable to help as a child is first learning how to suck from a straw. Remember: say no to sippy cups and utilize STRAW as primary cup to strengthen oral motor muscles, assist in speech development, and provide sensory input to the mouth.

Mouth Massager

These wiggly, vibrating animals provide sensory input to the mouth for those seeking a little bit more. This can be a great tool to help with biting and mouthing non-food items.

Cocoon Swing

The best, most affordable, functional swing for in your home! Create your own sensory gym by hanging this cocoon swing in your living room or child’s bedroom and bring on the calm. Swinging, vestibular input, is one of the most calming sensations to our nervous system (*depending on your child’s individual sensory profile and how the swing is utilized). 

Kids Compression Shirt

Imagine wearing a big bear hug… this is that! For children who seek increased amount of movement, wearing a tight fitting compression shirt underneath normal attire can be comforting and regulating to the nervous system. 

Sensory Chewing Necklace

A chewy tube conveniently worn around a child’s neck for easy access. Chewy tubes can help provide an appropriate item bite or chew on. Children use their mouths to regulate, we want to honor their need to chew or bite, but teach them appropriate ways to do so.

Chewy Tube

A different form of a chewy tube – providing an appropriate, safe item to chew and bite. 


Placing a teepee or fort in your home allows for a safe space for your child to go to decrease sensory stimulation. A place, such as a teepee can be a calming space with minimal visual and auditory stimulation allowing a child to regulate and calm. 

Cozy Blanket

This cozy blanket is used as a blanket in the floor of the teepee at Dr. Pinocchio Pediatric Wellness Center. The blanket helps create the cozy, break space inside of the teepee.


Weighted Blanket

Deep pressure can be calming to the nervous system. Recent evidence has shown use of weighted blankets help with sleep, decreased anxiety, and increased regulation. Can be used as a lap pad for focus during seated activities and during sleep.

Spill-Proof Straw Cups

A great spill-proof straw cup to strengthen and further develop mouth muscles. No to sip, yes to straws!