Family-Centered Services

Dr. Pinocchio utilizes a family-centered approach as a guiding tool in each interaction with a child. Viewing the child as a dynamic whole with the family unit as the foundation for stability and consistency, the opportunity for change, and the support of progress. Following best practice, taking on the role of a "coach" allows for Dr. Pinocchio to provide parents with knowledge and encouragement to best meet the individual needs of their family in the most developmentally appropriate, positive, and fun loving manner.

How This Is Done.

Direct Therapy

Newborn through Teenage Direct occupational therapy services are provided to children and teens in the areas of feeding, emotional regulation, social development, fine motor development, gross motor development, tantrums, sleep, picky eating, sensory processing, handwriting, and participation in bathing, grooming, and dressing.

Social Groups

3+ Years through Teenage
Social groups create a low demand setting to practice appropriate social skills such as turn-taking, greetings, reciprocal conversation, body language, listening, emotional regulation, and patience while participating in fun, play-based interventions.

Parent Courses

Moms, Mamas, Dads, Papas
Courses and support surrounding the topics of picky eating, sleep routines, sensory processing, age-appropriate consequences, social development, developmental milestones, encouragement of independence, technology, school work, and developmentally appropriate products to, and to not, purchase for your littles.

Blooming Babies

Newborn to Three Years
Playgroups allowing for social exposure for both parents and babies. Knowledge and discussion on developmental milestones, baby products, sleep routines, play, and feeding.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Certified in Yoga for the Special Child
Newborn through Teenage
Beginning in infancy, children can be exposed to a consistent yoga practice positively impacting physical and social-emotional development. Classes per age group focused on intention, calming strategies, motor planning, deep breathing, and physical endurance.

When In Womb

Expecting Parents
Preparing for baby begins long before the due date. "Babies do not come with a handbook" has been said to me several times when meeting families months or years into parenthood. This course was developed to be that handbook. Knowledge on child development, the fourth trimester, baby products, positioning, sleep, feeding, is provided in a social, collaborative setting.