Social Groups

4-18 years old

Prior to signing up for your first group, a consultation with Dr. Pinocchio is required to meet and discuss strengths and goals for your child.

Please email to schedule.

Social development begins at birth, as babies form attachment with parents and caregivers. Eye contact and peek-a-boo progress into interactions with same-aged peers. Peer interactions are challenging! All children benefit from exposure and increased opportunity to spend time and explore social interactions with other kids in order to progress social-emotional skills.  

Evidence shows that social skills are best developed in a controlled setting (a social group with Dr. Pinocchio) and then progressing to social success in community settings such as daycare, school, and extracurricular activities. 

Social groups involve small groups of children and teenagers, grouped by developmental and chronological age, to best meet every individual’s needs. Social skills are addressed in a play-based setting involving turn-taking, emotional regulation, coping strategies, reading social cues, body language, tone of voice, and reciprocal interactions.