Dr. Pinocchio Pediatric Wellness Center

The Place for Social-Emotional Growth & Sensory Motor Learning

Dr Pinocchio Pediatric Wellness Center Reno NV

Dr. Pinocchio Pediatric Wellness Center


Investing in your child’s development is one of the most valuable commitments you can make as a parent. Children are molded from the experiences and opportunities they are exposed to. At The Center our multidisciplinary team specializes in close collaborative care while addressing individual needs of your family.

Occupational Therapy

- Sensory Integration -
- Social-Emotional Development -
- Feeding Challenges -
- Fine Motor -
- Picky Eating -
- Potty Training -
- Tantrums -

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Speech Therapy

- Speech Sound Production -
- Language Comprehension -
- Expressive Language -
- Social Skills -
- Verbal Communication Skills -
- Nonverbal Communication Skills -
- Speech Fluency -

Yoga & Mindfulness

Newborn through Teenage Beginning in infancy, children can be exposed to a consistent yoga practice positively impacting physical and social-emotional development. Classes per age group focused on intention, calming strategies, motor planning, deep breathing, and physical endurance.

Social Groups

3+ Years through Teenage Social groups create a low demand setting to practice appropriate social skills such as turn-taking, greetings, reciprocal conversation, body language, listening, emotional regulation, and patience while participating in fun, play-based interventions.

Parent Courses

Moms, Mamas, Dads, Papas Courses and support surrounding the topics of picky eating, sleep routines, sensory processing, age-appropriate consequences, social development, developmental milestones, encouragement of independence, technology, school work, and developmentally appropriate products to, and to not, purchase for your littles.

"You have provided me with ways to connect with my kids, ways to join their worlds, and most of all ways to understand them which is what any parent truly wishes for."
- Mom of two

Dr. Pinocchio Pediatric Wellness Center

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